the space between


invulnerable to mortal women,
of course i let you in

I needed your fingernails
to carve broken promises
down my back

your lust etched invisible wounds
where our bodies once touched

sudden, blood-drawn scars
raise like runes on my skin

reminding me the power of my

of course i let you leave,
you were never a very good friend anyway

I remember before this body
how infinite I am underneath
this carapace of flesh and bone
the knowledge of ten thousand lives
hides inside my exoskeleton
it amuses me to continue on
as though I have no limits

What would I do without
your cold, sweet edges
cutting canyons in my

filling my ravines with
(i cherish the

moment, and

space between)
  and disappointment

in the middle of remembered
and forgot
while I find my worth
in your abundant desire
then reassembling myself
in the absence
of your love

Looking back one last time,
I notice how my blood still
stains your lips
drips wet from your fangs
drying and cracked
at the corners of your mouth
and i realize you were never
so much
to lose
once I lost my taste
for your polite, metallic


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