hurt people love people

hurt people love people

i love someone
someone loves everyone,
in love with
someone else
everyone’s someone else
loves another
someone else
and so on
we go on
about our business,
ghosting each other,
too sad about someone else
ghosting us
to return anyone’s calls.

i wonder what she thinks
when she leaves me on read
maybe she’s happy alone
maybe she’s afraid
she’ll end up back in bed
with someone else

more likely i vanish from her mind
when i’m not right there
calling for her attention
begging from a polite distance
offering something different,

someone who won’t disappear
someone who doesn’t love someone else
someone who loves her

but she loves someone else
because they forget about her
when she’s not right there,
begging for their attention

so she can disappear

because it’s easier
to love someone else
than it is to
let somebody
love you

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