In Vulnerable


Where once, at first,
our faeries ill met
by moonlight,
proudly unraveled and laid bare
the cords binding our souls
to Earth
fearlessly then enmeshed
together there
like the roots of trees
shamelessly entwined
the magic of ourselves
cut open and spilled,
staining the dirt where we played.

There unclothed, upon
that sacred grove,
rose trust from our nakedness,
as we,
as though by instinct
found the hidden places
we vowed we
would never let anyone else touch,
allowing each other to undress
the most hidden wounds,
where we before
held not even the courage
to look at them

the worst parts of ourselves,
embraced in the safety
of unconditional arms,
so tightly held
in the comfort of vulnerability
our self-conscious doubt and remorse
fading like the memories of dreams
we disappeared into the silence.

Then, dawn woke us,
the open air whispering
across the broken flesh
we now shared,
quiet fog descending to morning dew,
coating gently fingertips and toes
indistinguishable now from blades of grass
the sunlight warming our wet skin,
there, disrobed of all our armors
the world found us again.

I laughed the world away, certain
that you would do the same

but when I paused to catch my breath,
I found that you’d already left

And for a while, I laughed, though lonely
certain you’d come back, if only…

but to this day, you still believe
the world’s what’s real
and we were the dream.


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