I do me


I love me better than anyone else
if i’m being honest,
My whole life’s a brag
back on my self-care bullshit
no sense in being modest,
Ain’t nobody got time for that
I spend all my time
on me.
I’m taking this adult game pro
My superpower is being boring
Nothing complex, just clean dishes
and folded laundry and feeling happy
when I’m alone
It’s a weird flex, i kno

My bills are paid and I’m comfortable
I wake up early, watch the squirrels,
drink coffee, water my flowers,
write these poems and grin

I’m asleep by eight pm
I run to the gym
bench, squat and swim
and run home and then
netflix while I shower
for like, an hour
I eat real fast and cook real slow
Yes, I ate the whole damn cheesecake
so what?
Nobody tells me no.
It goes to show
if I want it I take it
make it mine and drag it home

I have my cake and eat it too,
But if you asked, I’d share some with you.
Because I have to admit,
sometimes I miss
all the lovely drama of
getting dragged into your trauma
shovelling someone else’s shit
all this inner peace gets repetitive
I’d quickly let you trick me into
throwing myself
into your well
falling apart again
So that’s why, tonight,
I’m staying in


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