My Lion’s Pride


When I don’t snap back
I’m not being rude.
I’m just in not in the mood.
When I’m hungry I don’t go download
pictures of food.

This ain’t no zoo, and you
certainly wouldn’t tease a lion
with steak like that
once he’s been released.

I don’t hunt for sport
I don’t catch and release
I don’t trust your snapchats anymore
save them for your fan club boys
I don’t play with toys

Consuming the flesh comes with
And I don’t like glass screens
between me and my meat
I’m hunting a lioness
so pardon my lack of responsiveness
because inside a man
is a lion
driven by challenge, yet
caged by his conscience, and
my pride demands a certain grace.

I’m not sure yet you’re worth my chase
I’m undecided if you’ve earned your place
as tempting as the feast is
for now let’s just say
safety is distance
and images of your bare skin test my patience.

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