The Gemini Soul is Rainbows


When you meet a Gemini, you meet someone brand new and unique, someone no one has even seen before. The image they project is a reflection of your own energy, transformed through the lenses of the unbounded Gemini spirit and returned to you.

They can appear as if from nowhere, and vanish again just as mysteriously. The next time you see them, you may not even recognize them as the same person. To follow a Gemini, one must choose every path except captivity.

Gemini, the mage of optics, walks untraceable upon bands of light, hunting the cavernous negative space beneath our superficial perceptions.

Gemini stalks silent the mindshadow meadows where nothing becomes somethingness, consciousness blooms matter from mystery, where illusion sublimates across impossibility into the warm embrace of material reality.

Gemini dwells darkly upon windswept cloudmountains of chaos, which twist and swirl insidiously in the inseparable destruction and cocreation of our shared existence.

Gemini artfully sows ageless beauty in ancient depths, where the sum of our quantum dreamwaves rise and crash, tirelessly eroding the shores of our cherished objectivity, simultaneously rendering science to lore, once-proud mountains to dust and myth.

In relentless divison of singularity, Gemini frees us from the precarious footholds of form and structure, disintegrating the untenable shelter of here and now, delivering us helplessly to the immutable laws of impermanence.

The Gemini soul is rainbows, skymagic touching the earth, rooted invisibly in the undeniable interconnectedness which encompasses each and every one of us.


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