Listen, silence!

Silence is good for you.
Listening undistracted
can be practiced. Silence
is healing.
All it costs is your thoughts
in exchange, feelings, which means
Hearing all the things that
your body’s been dying to tell you
breathe out all the emptiness
breathe in the despair
and then fill the space
where they were
with air

Show yourself some love
for holding so much
for being so strong
Then breathe out the joy
your self-compassion brings you,
back out into the world.
Breathe in again.

Mindful silence pays respect to the
inevitability of the pure, resilient
truth. Some questions can only be
answered with silence, patience, and
faith. We ask so much from each other, it’s hard to forgive ourselves for not giving more. Sometimes silence is all that’s left to say

With space fully held
and advantage fully taken,
an asker is allowed to ask himself
why he asked in the first place.
In retrospect, contemplations left
multiplied and dangling, lost in a
hopeless mess of molecular data,
deconstructed into a pattern of
disconnected singularities,
rippled waves of lost soul
unraveled gracefully in the void,

the intentional silence unfolding
faithlessly, smashed ruthlessly into
particles falling in truth with
love, nadkedly, attracting like
generous rain surrendering to
mountains running beneficent to
streams, over flowing waterfalls
down rivers refilling the sunset

In the power of silence, marching
quiet, a mysterious prosperity of
spirit lifts the Oceans again up
to the thirsty sky. Clouds, like
words, deliver no promises, only shadows of hope.

Let me live and die in your silence
watch your moon rise
bathe in the fullness
and cry, yes crying is
ok, when I realize
this silence is mine, too
it belongs to me as much as you



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