Mind is light


Mind is light
every now, every where
always, alive, aware
empty but bright
a kind of sky
higher than height,
high enough to share
a single spirit of infinite sight
immeasurable minds
comprise our soul atmosphere
hidden in plein air
replenished thoughts
enmeshed like sun-drenched clouds
drop coalesced from thin
vaporous consciousness,
into rain and snow
of what we name
and what we know
because it is what it is
because we say it so
rays of sunlight become
trapeze acts of hows
and whys and facts
That’s _my_ rainbow, Jack.
The proof is in the parallax.
Justifying our own observations,
ends find means like
ears find sound
The only meaning
is already found,
we write our songs of
‘I am’ rights and ‘you are’ wrongs
to fight our way along
over ground underneath
our feet
which must choose
unlike our eyes
whose only home
is skies and dreams
Mind is seeing
things are abstractions
words are just
glorified distractions
confused inactions
in retrospect
traps we set
to catch us tripping up
laughing at everyone but ourself
redefining what we mean
by meaning
to keep us losing time
instead of being


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