Beneath the
believe yourself
to be
Under your insides
Somewhere You hides
way down
below all
your traps
your walls and masks and
past the naked skin
underneath that Cheshire grin
beyond the shimmering stars and
between the cracks in
your seemingly impenetrable
psychological armors
outside your false insecurities
and superhero suits you wear
an untenable disguise of
ill-fitting coveralls
layers on layers
like Matryoshka dolls
scarves of scars carved from
your greatest fears, worn thin
like hand-me-downs
house-of-card identities
to fool the eyes
of casual passersby
But I recognize
magnificent bluffs
when I call them
I’m too bright to fall
for false chagrin;
no darkness shakes my confidence.
I’ve built enough of
my own palaces in the sky,
and believe me,
I’ve lost my share of
to the sea.

Your dreams reveal
themselves to me.

But you get mean when
you’ve been seen,
after you so carefully
burned every map
and threw every key
into different abysses
and meticulously murdered
every witness.
How dare I now delve so deep!
my unquenchable curious audacity
awaking foul-smelling,
tombs and catacombs of memory
secret cave-dwelling banished feelings.
Blame me for your self-concealing, then
I do not consciously seek revealing them
these inner monstrosities only wish
to be set free.

Threatened now, and righteously,
your pride fires blanks at me
I eat like candy shell casings
that drop behind the empty rounds
devouring every full metal clue
like breadcrumbs on the ground
lead into your long lost soul
and with every triggerpull
I see You more, and beautiful
the harder you try to hide
buried but alive
under the lies you tell,
not just to me, or anyone else
but to yourself
But still
I only believe your truth
the dark part of your crescent moon
reflecting mine
The heart of darkness light will find.
You can’t hide from
my Earthshine.

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