as thought is given

Love is free, but not cheap
Love demands vulnerability
given and received voluntarily
A responsibility I willfully take
to sign, seal and deliver
a promise my heart will never break
to never step in the same river twice
But keep coming back
since the water’s so nice,
hoping someday I might find
a lake

Love is an act, but not fake
means taking risks and making mistakes
and holding trust and holding space
and reviving a heart even after it breaks
Love knows sunset follows the rise
Love lives on even after it dies.
Love is truth but sometimes it still lies
and hides in the shallows
and waits to surprise
Love is illusion only mind can devise
Love is a word only heard by the eyes,
Love is a touch felt only by heart
Love lives in hellos as much as goodbyes.

Love’s altruistic, but not unwise
It falls for the truth, and compromise
Authenticity, confidence, and sacrifice
It falls just as easy for deceits and disguise
A warranty deed without reciept,
It has no need to account or transact
Love does not tally or tab or keep track
Love’s a blank check,
An unconditional unilateral contract
I love to uncover your hidden collateral
I love to decipher all your fine print
I love to find a tacit agreement

Love is a present, but uncontained
no expectations of reciprocity or gain
Love is a gift given with freedom to choose
to return or accept, keep, discard or just leave
No strings attached, nothing to hide, and
nothing to lose
It’s the hardest gift to wrap
Since our own happiness
only comes from inside
Because your own love
only comes from you
Giving you happiness is a catch 22.

Love is pure, but still a mess

Love means I must confess
I’m not sure what the hell to do
though, I know,
I want you
(even if that disqualifies me)
to get what’s best for you

Love means I haven’t a clue
what the hell I’m supposed to do
I want me
(even if it disqualifies you)
to get what’s best for me

Whether only a second
or for forever
you fell for me
or I fell for you
Whether it was just lust
or only respect
or just a distraction from our own lonliness
Love means I’m just happy we ever met,
whatever you do,
but I trust, no, more
I expect
you to find your
own happiness

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