Puppydog Heart

sam a 002

At my favorite coffee shop,
I’m outside staring at my phone.
A puppydog comes around the corner
Smiling as only puppies can.
Following him is a woman
at the end of his leash.
She ties him up to the post outside.
He senses something is wrong.

As she walks inside,
he pulls once on the leash.
Realizing what is happening,
he begins to whine and cry.
Then stops to listen.
Then resumes his pitiful protest.

His distress is too familiar.

My heart is this puppy,
so happy to be collared and leashed,
so long as she is at the other end,
the tighter the better.
But as soon as she goes away
if only to buy a cup of coffee,
he strains and suffers
and wonders why
he ever let this
rope around
his neck.

Priscilla, Queen of Light

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