The Receptive

A meditation on The Tibetan Book of the Dead

1. The Nature of Soul

The Mindbody is here, now, and separate.

The Soul is not individual, rather
an energetic manifestation
of the divine source.

The Soul is not local, rather
existent in all places,
visible only where the material world offers it a channel.

The Soul is not temporal, rather
belongs to order more primal than time, which itself is a construct the mind imposes on the external in attempt to subdue the chaos and create an illusion of control.

The Soul is not physical, rather
an illumination of our material manifestations as we connect objects to the source energy with the Will of the Soul.

The Soul is not limited, in any way, excepting the limits our corporeal nature places upon it. By granting space, attention, and awareness to the mind and body, we create isolation between ourselves and the objects desired from the eternal, ever-present Soul.

2. Voice of the Mindbody

The mind has its objectives.
Though, it does not benefit
from their achievement.
The stimulus for reward
comes from the brain itself.

The body has its desires.
Though, it does not benefit
from their attainment.
The stimulus for reward
comes from the body itself.

Results, then, are a false dichotomy
of positive and negative outcomes.
Progress is movement
in any direction.
The fabrication of needs, wants,
victories, and defeats
serves merely to create
the impetus for growth.

3. Voice of the Soul

The soul does not enlist purpose
aside from increasing its own beingness. It benefits only from increased self-awareness. The stimulus for reward must come from the body or the mind.

The soul must train the mindbody
to create the condition where awareness rises. This condition is not an external arrangement, though the practice must begin by manipulating one’s surroundings,
the practice of exerting control
enables this condition to arise independent,
admidst but separate
the chaotic external experience.
Through yielding to the full experience of bodily temptation and mind’s inevitable disappointment,
one can learn to calm the body and mind without depending on
attainment or achievement.
The calming of the mindbody’s voice allows the Voice of the Soul to be recognized. This Voice is divine, and directs the further lucid calmness of mindbody regardless of external conditions.

4. The Will of the Soul

The Voice of the Soul seeks no purpose but the increased awareness of itself. The greater self-awareness of Soul diminishes the voices of the body and mind. Simultaneously, the self-awareness of Soul is increased by the practice of calming the voices of body and mind.

5. The Will of the Mindbody

The mind and body protest
the diminishment of their volume,
as though the mindbody competes
with the Soul for a limited space,
the mind and body each seek
to increase the attention they receive. Acquiescing to the desires of the mindbody gives them the control to recapture awareness away from the Soul. Receiving the intended result, their reward circuitry activates, reinforcing the seeming benefit of such actions, even if no such benefit exists, increasing their volume and drawing attention away from the Voice of the Soul.

6. The Balanced Practice of Lucid Calmness

To still the mind and quiet the body
must be a practice to which
one perpetually returns,
only once the necessity
of external awareness ceases,
as we still must face our death
to remain bound to our life.
We must feed the body,
and nourish the mind,
but only so much as allows them to continue in their divine function as conduit of the Soul.

By measuring time, we create
a false understanding of the primal
order of nature and existence, thereby limiting the reach and expression of the Will of our Soul.

By measuring space, we create the illusion of there being places where we are not, thereby limiting the reach and expression of the Will of our Soul.

By focusing on the Voices of our mind or body, we give ourselves away to the objects of our desires, creating separation from the divine Soul.

By returning our awareness to its natural unbiased state of total surrender, our perception becomes universal and uninhibited.
Being all at once and one of infinite diverse singularities allows us access to the ubiquitous energy of Soul permeating our mind and body, increasing connection to ourselves, our intentions, our actions and interactions, our creations and our own destruction, irrevocably fusing us to the divine eternal Soul source.


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