Keep in Mind

So much happens
I could never tell it all
Not even just the part that’s mine to call
sight is prospective; conditional
perspective fills the room in effect
an alive-dead unsaid ineffable elephant
what I think you thought I said
the truth is practically irrelevant
A superposition self-evident but open-ended
I surmise there’s sense embedded in it
But I only believe what’s precedented
Pretending it seems there’s no surprises
like a hypocrite retroactively justifies
an ending to the means while just outside us
through a shattered window darkly rises
the glooming sum of all our biases
This insidious entourage comprises
a luminous ruinous
moonglow melange of disguises
every thought becomes an endless rainbow
An impossibly gentle prism
imperceptibly fading against
the gradient of boundless skies

The story is illusory
The mind is present subjectivity
Eyes just see what they wanna see
Ears just hear what you tell them to
Everyone just does what they gonna do
Everyone tries to control the narrative
provisional lies just pass the time
I still keep in mind the imperative
indelibe optical double blind
we keep us guessing by design
subjuncrive rays of shades of grays
and retrogrades in shadow phase
Every word plays a paraphrase
mirages of entendres

How do I describe what I see?
How do I express the fragile gravity
of ecclectic, elusive, erratic
recursive reality
This expanding collaborative conspiracy
Infused with duality
The infinite collection of our electric perceptions
perfuse with imperfection
Complete collapsing eclisping overlapping
symphonic delusions of grandeur
engineered obfuscation,
a purposeful confusion?

Is this sensual cocreation
reverse imagination?
Antientropic condensation?
Are we actively interpretating our
Reverberating immense sensation

A horizon full of horizons; interdimensions
Immersed in our sense of intentions
How delicately kept in mind
The countless versions intimately, intricately, violently coalescing
Simultaneously effervescing in the cacophony of now
Rupturing the stillness of
silent unreconciled resounding thens
Rippling through the pools
of our collective lens
unconscious interference bends
in unplanned patterns that
reflect only themselves that
demand we experience first hand
but never understand

We compound complexity
We accumulate exponentiality
evolving constantly hand in hand
beyond our capacity
to ever comprehend
For even as we look
Even as we seek
Even as we trust
Even as we think
We redesign

And redefine

For we only know
that we ourselves are blind
We keep ourselves
in each other’s mind


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