Willing Prey


You were born vigilant
walls up,
sword drawn
Pistols at dawn
Daggers under your pillow
ready to run
Facing the wind
Back to the Sun

I was used to coming in hot
(and more often than not, too soon)
an anachronistic chivalrous fool
willing prey, trusting food
a bare-chested dinosaur at twelve o’clock
unarmed at high noon
proudly kneeling under a wounded moon

The very first time we stared across the strange space between us
Tidal motion lifting the Ocean between our rigid masses
ever so gently
then setting it down again
waves of transferred energy
lapping distant shores
this extrasensory veilsliver imaginist twisted skyriver worn of cloudlit smokemist silver gown shorn crumpled quickly thrown down into a glowing halocrown of prone nakedness
flowed clear away until shown disastrous, what was left between us the hallowed nevertheless
landfill artfully sewn and hewn
well-aged but poorly grown
darkwaste shone glowed
gloom laced with gold

I thought I could feel your pulse
pounding through me
heartbeaten and bruised
fragments of razorhail frozen shrapnelfire thunderclawing the crystal air
lightningstruck and unprepared
hell I was already hogtied, barbwired, ragdolled, and yardsaled
before I realized the blood I tasted was my own
I saw the sharks circling
before we even met
I knew we could dance but you would lead and soon forget
I could taste the carnivorous sweat on your taut, ripe flesh
Like the exotic, acidic scent of a fresh blooddrop in the sea
I could smell the breath of a apex predator on you and I knew there and then I could survive a few hours
but you’d never let me win
given half a chance
I’d do it all over
just to be devoured so wonderfully again

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