The Garden of Gaia


My agile time is held concrete for the being
in the elusive valley between rising hopes
and broken dreams
a garden of ethereal mysteries
well-hidden in ancient mists of primal memory
a secret kept by the intelligence of a well-bounded but vulnerable heart
a place remembered intuitively by the weary numbness of a deflated soul
accessing the shared existential pain
the collective cacophonous sting of defeat
familiar enough to feel eternal
but too intense to be real

Easier to land here upon descent
on singed wings
half-awake and close to death
looking for anything unearthly
passing like a shadow across the fires of hell
Sinking woundedly downward from my heavenly expedition
Lost again chasing another utopian mirage
glittering images mirroring my own desire
reflections in the shattered fragments of sky

Chiron holds me now
ferryman of the celestial divide
transforming Saturnian self-judgement to Aquarian awareness of universal interdependence
It’s nice here, id like to stay for a while pretending im an angel
but i must reunite with my mortality to find new inspiration and prepare for my next incarnation
to rise full of hope into that shattered sky again

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