Surrender ftw

The void consumes you.

The space around you.

The emptiness within you.

The silence contains all.

From nothing comes every trembling sound: abrupt, crashing terror, inconsolable, deafening anguish, triumphant, exploding joy and pounding, hysterical laughter.

But nothing contains the silence.

Nothingness belongs to nothing.

Only you can hold it.

Being in it.

Witness what happens to your being when you allow

your only act to be,

the vacuum to pull,

entropy to increase,

without fighting against

the encroaching darkness;

without trying to fill the abyss

as though with candlelight,

your soul’s glow cannot illuminate the night.

It cannot reprove the dark

or change the chaosmind.

or slow time.

Time is death’s creation.

Your infinitesimal luminescence will not by itself curb death’s heavy advance.

Flowing silently, at immeasurable depth, death cannot be held.

But silence can. Space can. Emptiness can be held and joined with in unison.

We can seek an alliance against the inevitable return to our higher consciousness.

We can harmonize with the forces outside our control and, in this way, add to the intensity of our soul.

We can enjoy this moment as one never seen before.

Ours alone.

Never to be seen again.

And already gone.

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