A (Trans)personal Ad

Single (really plural)
Onto(morpho)logical shaman seeking dualism; a wish
a deepwater partner (in crime)
to stand amok (run wild), mad with love
to envelop and be envoloped by
a creature each other embodies (life)
of darkness to light (and back again)
rewriting definitions
of divine righteousness (and mortal sin)

I want you (with me)
to (destroy)renew
every unjust (all) law
and prove what we take for granted
(everything) wrong
I hunt the (raw) Hypokeimenon
the (un)thing existing
only in connections (between)
(pain&bliss, reality&dream, hate&lust)
all the bittersweet extremes (just like us)
complete and competing

I want to see how long
my mighty heart can hold its breath
I want to test and be tested
my (rightfully) high opinion of myself
to be (challenged) respected
I want to be my best and
still be bested.

I’m looking for nothing less
than a modern Metagoddess
Equal parts Artemis, Aphrodite, and Demeter
a meticulously romantic co-conspirator
who is shiny, bright, and full of dirt
fearless facing feeling hurt
examining the flaws
that make us perfect beings
generously demanding me to bring my(best&worst)self (to everything)
to explore the depths of vulnerability
to blindly trust in faithful humility
to believe in each other intuitively
past the bounds of sensation
to love by being fully free

because I’m not being greedy…

If I love you how you love me
I teach you
how you see me
And you teach me
how I see you

We each learn to love our own entirety.

that means
we transcend self,
and want, and need
and each other
(nobody said it would be easy)

when we

allow being (together) apart

practice empathy
to the edge of sanity

let (separate) escape
what we want most to keep

we graciously release
love outward
into space

we become a gift to humanity
to the Karmic Seas

we increase

One thought on “A (Trans)personal Ad

  1. Another cool photo–love it. It really works with the final words graciously release love outward into space. What say you Don Juan?


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