A General Statement of Humanity


I deserve happiness.

I deserve love.

I deserve freedom.

I deserve peace and contentment.

Not because of who
I am
or was
or will be

Not because of what
I do
or did
or will do

Not because of what
I make
or made
or will make

Not because of how
I live
or love
or provide

Just because I am:

alive, one among many, containing many within myself, a synthesis of real and unreal parts, divine spirit manifesting through physical form

beautiful, infinite complexity, ever changing, simple and pure momentary order ascendant from supreme, churning chaos

connected, to every other living being, charged with the same energetic force which binds and repels all matter in the Universe

delicate, existing in the instant of our lives, precariously balanced in a fragile shell of chemoelectromechanical homeostasis, traversing the thin ice of impermanence

empathetic, sharing emotional experience, in limbic interdependence beyond our cognitive ability to explain to ourselves or communicate to others

full, intrinsically complete without amendment, perfect in our current state, provided everything necessary to live our own unique, compelling story

godhead, imbued with spirtual essense, disseminating into every distant individual atom, permeating them, then radiating back to the ultimate original center

human, flawed and full of contradictions, wounded but enduring, wandering but not lost, unaware of the magnitude of our personal significance, unsure of our identity, but faithfully following our senses and intuitions nonetheless

interesting, inherently, irrevocably curious about ourselves, exploring our place in the world, examining our relationship to each other, collaborating to actively describe our indescribable, glorious, shared existence

just because I’m me.

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