Magic Tricks


keep the harness
hold my beer
I woke up bored
and without fear
raise the tightrope
pull the net
cut the wires
now, set the whole damn place on fire

place your bets on
whether I
survive the violence
I demand your satisfaction.
There might be blood,
there will be silence.

Most the show was just distraction
The magic word
might as well be sirens
I cleared the smoke and
smashed the mirrors
and broke the wand.
the lovely assistant is gone
and won’t reappear

A good magician
shares our secrets
because all the good secrets
take lifetimes to uncover
and being surprised
is the gift every trick rediscovers.

you see, how is easy
to be wise
ask yourself why
you always choose coherent lies
over inconsistent truth
of humans being human proof

magic is just humans being
in the moment then revealing
the hidden power unfolding
magic is the act of being there
in fact,
it’s being right now, too
right here in me
right there,
in you

Our magic lies
behind the mind
beyond the eyes
What we perceive deceives
a fine disguise
our conceited belief
refines but finds no relief
and no reprieve
nothing up my sleeve
this whole act, in fact,
has very little to do with me
I’m just clever misdirection.
The magic is your misperception.

I know, you thirst
for explanation
to rationalize the
intense sensation

You believe that there must be
a fundamental conspiracy
to quench your curiousity

You want an answer
but you need a mystery.


One thought on “Magic Tricks

  1. This photo so amplifies and beautifies your poem. I couldn’t see what was in the center of the photo at first, I knew there was an anomaly, and kept staring to find the hummingbird. A multi-faceted sensation/mind experience.


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