an irresistible disaster


We both knew
you would leave


You want to travel
but I want to stay

You like to run
But I like to prey

You need room to play
But I need space
to feel my pain

I could chase you forever
but never make you stay

I always knew you would leave
I still couldn’t help myself
Montagues can’t resist a Capulet
It was a natural disaster
a doomed, forbidden kiss
the Mountaintop met
the deep Abyss
irrefutable as gravity
a paradox of fixed mutability
A challenge irresistible
in its terminal inevitability
a categorical imperative
refusing to pursue your love
would be refusing to live

I knew, the very first day,
my truest truth lay in letting you go, letting my ego die again and again
loving you more in spite of someday.

Believing you believing me
Letting each other deceive ourselves
Allowing each to learn our
own lesson on the edge of the other’s sword.

we both knew the risk
was worth the reward, that
where it hurts is
where it counts

My heart’s as loud
as a lion’s pride
hard to hide an
too quick to pounce

Yours, a rabbit,
soft and shy, forever free
gotta bounce

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