Stop looking

Stop looking for a second
and you’ll see


The whole truth is unspeakable, such holographic information, particles in states overnight interconnected so strangely, only dreams will suffice.

Severity strikes the communication of any great mouth, an imagery experiment perhaps, heal ourselves that would slaughter life.

The demons of every moment
that flutter away soundlessly
before you twist

to catch something
you didn’t think you heard
(No one with intelligence
will trust a brain)

steal something meaningful between
now and then
perception and reality
question and mystery
knowledge and history
order and the inevitable chaos

The hidden and the unseen are not the same.

Those who believe nothing are not insane.

These malefic subreal beasts of myth
assemble these secret arcane bits
into the great carrot our subconscious seeks

dangling beyond our reach
ever just outside our grasp
while they ride upon our backs

We pave their way back home
with the best intentions

Real Devils
dress themselves
at least
in most
unobvious obliviousnesscessity
“Beelz, grab the halo, bub.
leave the pitchfork
at home today.”

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