Slippery Feels

I keep trying

to feel all my feelings


to allow them space

to move on and

off on their way

but it feels like they’d


rather stay

My feelings feelers

feel all broken

down today


I’m too sad to look away

too scared to even

be afraid

I watch the putrid, slippery feels

sit on my chest

tighten my breath

coil round my heart

and spoil my thoughts

And I say,

“I see you, feelings.

You’re just chemicals

from my brain.

Now please go away.

I have other things

to get done today.”

But these feels just go on forever

yawning as

they lay around

squirming inside

my hot skin, pulling and gnawing

swimming through my gut, seeing

and sawing

creasing my forehead

and folding my face like origami

making me sweat like cold salami

I don’t see an end

this feel has no tail

so I fail

to see why

I ever even

let my feelings outside

in the light of day

don’t the feels know

if only they’d behave

i wouldn’t keep on




One thought on “Slippery Feels

  1. Love this combo of whimsy and pain holding hands, this dual split merged within us, somehow makes us more than angels can imagine (as you beautifully alluded to in previous “part 4”)


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