Chapter One, Lesson Four

There are some things that cannot be taught, they come from within you. One is love. Others are peace, joy, freedom, wisdom. When your heart is pure and your concentration is upon your Goal, these inherent qualities awaken in you. That is true love in which you love for no reason, unconditionally. You love the Light because That is your True Self. You love and are compassionate to others because they are your Selves, because God is within everyone. A pure heart automatically loves unconditionally. That is your true nature. 

-Swami Amar Jyoti


Sketch the graph of the following equations:

(Answers to odd numbers
in the back of the book.)

1. In the Beginning

2. God Said

3. Let there be

4. Light


4. Light

We are familiar with light. Our eyes recieve all sorts of information from the visible light spectrum. Based on the color and intensity, our frontal cortex  collects and processes data (like whether to proceed through an intersection) and our hypothalamus directs our endocrine system to deliver various hormones causing sleepiness, arousal, hunger, or fear. But aside from the usual reds, yellows, blues, and purples we can percieve, light has another name, electromagnetic radiation. In this sense, light is a form of radiant energy. The x-rays that show your bones, heat coming from a campfire, music transceived by your radio, and the burn you get from spending too much time outside are all effects of invisible light.

The effects of light are easy enough to describe, but the question explored here is: what is light? When light is observed, by striking an object and delivering it’s energy, it does so in discrete packets called photons. But as it travels, it exists as a probability wave. Imagine a crayon that had an equal chance of drawing a blue line, or a red line, or a green line, but you didn’t know which until you actually dragged it across the paper.

Further down the rabbit hole, unlike a sound wave, that changes pitch depending if it is traveling toward you or away (think: ice cream truck), light always goes 186,000 miles per second. No matter how fast you try to chase light, it still moves away from you at 186,000 miles per second. If I stand still, and you chase, light still moves away from each of us at 186,000 miles per second.

Stop. Read that again. If you think something sounds broken, you’re right. The broken thing is our concept of space and time. When you accelerate, everything else slows down and gets closer. You’ve heard of E=mc²? That’s it right there. Light speed is constant, energy and mass are interchangeable.

Light is pure, immortal energy, existing everywhere in the Universe at once. In the beginning, we were light. God spoke to let us be distinct, to observe and be observed. Enlightenment is but a brief return to our original ethereal selves. Death is but a final recinding to the static joy of the original, eternal Light.

We experience darkness, isolation, disconnection, sadness, loneliness only because we have embraced the immeasurable, unfathomably resplendent divine gift of life. We have survived another round of relativity. We have protected and maintained our delicate corporeal wings. We have chosen to trade our energy for mass, to trade our omnipresence for locality, our omniscience for mystery, and our Oneness for individuality. We have allowed ourselves to witness, contemplate, perchance comprehend ourselves, as pieces of God, abundant, magnificent, distinct colors in a spectral illusion as real as a rainbow.


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