You never said goodbye

so I still don’t believe it
I don’t feel your absence
I fall asleep missing your smell
I wake up every morning
reaching over
to look for you
next to me
the memory is
still stronger
than reality

Remind me to
forget you some day
I can’t do it by myself
the less I see you
the more I want to
the longer I hold back
the harder it is to stay away
so I run faster
and tell myself i’ll be ok
but my feelings for you
always catch up with me.

And it feels like
fell off a cliff
in the darkness
I can’t title this poem
I can’t bury
an empty casket
I can’t categorize this void
I temporarily filled
with your love
These unresolved feelings
were mine before I met you
so now,
thanks to you,
I must remain in them
and use them to grow
to learn to draw strength from
the Earth again instead.


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