is a subjunctively disgusting idea
a bastard son of when
used by fools and politicians
to ostensibly compare
with ulterior deceit
to seduce and swindle
to coax, cajole, and acquire
guile, graft, and grift

If’s at best a guess
meant to waste my time
to spend my precious energy
disproving hypotheticals,
hyperboles, and hypocrisy.

And I have no patience
for the idle chatter
of empty ideas
so excuse me if
I am abrupt
if I walk away
during your reply

I’m just dreaming of
a world of iflessness
if I can have a refund

i’d spend my time on why
and how instead of
untrustworthy, frivolous if

if only if were not…
even if’s existence
contradicts ifself.


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