She makes me feel
She makes me feel like a runaway balloon
or a cartoon
like I’m still undercover
wallowing in that shallow valley
between consciousness and sleep
but it’s noon
like space
or thunder’s
rolling bass
as the feeling rolls away
hungrier than I was before
she makes me feel full
of wanting more

She is fall
Manchmal noch Sommer
Aber immer mehr Winter

Her glance shoots
like a thousand painful darts
broken shards of glass

across the room

She tinkles as she dances
the fragments of my tiny soul still
clash silently in her pantses

I don my finest mask
to no avail
my mast collapsed
she trims my sail
just another snack

Her voice rattles my spine
“Twilight” she whispers
like two strokes of a brush

She shatters my indignance
painting my fate
with syllables
instead of pigments


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