Leave or I will


Leave or I will
kick you out just to prove
to myself I still love me
more than I love you
after all we just met
and I want to scoop you up and
leave everything behind
travel the world
and find how deep we can climb
into each other

No one owes me their time
but i’m terrified
you could convince me
I owe you mine

Did I mention my intention
Sometimes I forget
To tell a beautiful stranger
What our meeting to me meant
no I think it’s pretty clear
when I say goodbye

I want to see you again
You needn’t linger longer herenow
There’s enough tommorrow
Why steal what you can borrow
Don’t make me say go away
Remember you have to live
with what you do today

too much time spent together
diminishes the return

To find her again

I must first leave her
She must hide before I
can seek her
for homework must be done
in the absence of the teacher

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