Further reflections on time and space

This is your moment.

None of us is ready for what
I’m trying to say.
Well, here goes nothing anyway…

this is your moment

The momentum of your movement
has brought you to here

Are you still there?

THIS is your instant
and as interesting as it was
it has now gone away

That was your moment

Hope you enjoyed it,
made your choices well
time to move along
nothing to see there now
nothing left but an echo
Do not dwell so much in how
or never catch back up to Now.

We are just electricity.
little zips and zaps
in a constant state of deja vu.
we worry so much about what we did

We often forget to do.

some rare seconds appear
wherein you must hold, remain
wherein you must define your fate
by being still, aware,
close enough to see yourself

not who you once were
not who you might be someday
but who you are right now.

If it scares you you’re on the right track
the unbearable pain means it’s working
be here with me now.
and be

Do you feel life’s pace quicken?
A day has more meaning when one is young. But patience
as you watch what you want the most
turn and walk away
before you rage needless against nothing, struggling
to meet your quota of dying for today,
as the beast you imagined draws near
as your greatest fear
gets close enough to smell
and remember,

an instant is never wasted, merely spent in different ways. Though you may never reclaim potential, experience is yours to keep. Our lives are so much more than the illusion we choose to believe.

Who gives the fool time to think?

Ripples in a pond
go on


is the only justice.

Join me in the silent blazing cloudlight of usness.


is where it’s at

your only chance
to act
or watch it pass
or think about the past

Really, the possibility is infinite
We alone
and only

own this minute

This is our place.

The relationship between time and space unfolds here and now, between you and I.

We decide.
We define this
meaning of life


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