Damus Petimus Que Vicissim


Damus Petimusque Vicissim
(We give and expect in return)

It is better to give
than it is to recieve.
Love’s pressure only grows
by being released
But if you ask nicely
it might still wear
a collar and a leash

I don’t love you
for what you do for me
I love you
for what you let
do to you
It is not greed
which drives all desire
some lust comes from trust
and ancient faithful fires
When love comes from trust
it geysers

Being valued on a basic level,
appreciated, just a little
must precede my aphrodism
I demand enthusiasm
Until mutual trust is present
your silence is not enough for consent
Not that I resent the offer
To sneak into your secret coffers
I just don’t operate well on a hunch
I prefer the front door
We’ll explore after lunch.
since you inquire,
somebody call a hearse
I’ll spell it out in full verse:
(I half-expect the room to die here)
I presume to require
I respect first
those whom I desire.

Though I’ve chased my share of echoes,
I’m no longer Narcissus, looking for a dreamgirl
no now I see a real world
Awash with beautiful full-grown women
Many with lovely imaginations
It’s a shameless congregation of passionate animals
what’s a little
consensual exploitation
a few victimless crimes
between compassionate criminals
we are all in this together
You can be, all too
Respectfully disrespectful
I know, it’s quite a mindful.
I still can’t quite see blindfolds
But how can I expect to be your benevolent god of love,
unless I let you tie me up some
maybe tickle me with a giant feather,
You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

some people think it selfish
to ask for what they want
and get it
but it’s vulnerable to make your desires known
X marks the spot, here’s a shovel
go on down and hunt
When I ask for what I want,
I’m handing you a pirate map
to my most hidden buried booty
all you have to do is dig
remember love is measured by how much you give
but when respect is the treasure
the submissive has the power
Inch by hour you find your pleasure
under my defenseless posture
Aware of the awaiting rapture
Maybe that just scratches your surface
Maybe leather, more rough your search is
don’t hold back, please
You can lay in to me.
I kinda dig the thought of you being mean.
Because it shows me you trust me enough to let your real self free.
Because I long to meet your deepest darkest freak
Because then I’ll know you know
that I see the best in you,
and you see the best in me.
So let me make you scream.
and then maybe
I’ll let you
do me


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