Chapter one, Lesson two

” ‘Behold your Music!’ And he showed to them a vision, giving to them sight where before was only hearing; and they saw a new World made visible before them, and it was globed amid the Void, and it was sustained therein, but was not of it. “ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion

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Genius is a word used generously to describe one who can see the end from the beginning. It is a desirable flaw, much like being tall, I tend to crack my skull and step in my own traps if I lose vigilance in my self-awareness. It may seem bold to some to label myself thusly, […]

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Never chastise your inner daydreamer Windows teach more than any professor ever could profess to Men In dark robes In dark rooms In dark thought Open a window, man Go look outside Do not waste life describing what is right in front of you. Do not look at it, or talk about it, or smellittouchittasteithearit! […]

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