A definition of Me


A definiton of Man Me.

I still believe in shameless honesty.
At times, I must disgust.
Though true lust demands of me that
I disrobe my thoughts (but carefully),

the faith I invest in my audience
yields a return I rarely see.
I believe in my own character
beyond my ability to explain myself.
I will always risk my own pride
to seek self-health.

To give without receipt is not weak.
Though some will cross me callously,
trust begets reciprosity.
I merely wish to spread altruistically
my vision of the shared threads
of our naked sacred reality.
This web holds us together invisibly.
I earn no credit
I just learn to edit
what I perceive
We are the same
broken pieces
shards of mirrors reflecting
the one true ghost-light god-energy

I hope humbly
my full disclosure
verbose stumbling
brings us closer.
I did not invent our connection,
I simply see more vividly.
It is unavoidable;
that I am everything;
that you are me.

Buying in to separation
leads me lonely to isolation.
We’re all invited to celebration,
so come on in and have a seat.
But some just will never be.
They will let the moment flee
to which they owe pursuit.
Never borne was fruit
to an unplanted tree.
You cannot reap an unsown seed.
You see, contentment is based upon content; happiness in humility.
Peace lives only in equanimity.

A human is made of magic, but not of traps and trickery. See, illusion becomes reality when projected correctly. Performativity is vigilance with a respect for serendippity and
leaves perfect still a possibility.
We must become prepared, and
we must stay ready.

A warrior’s incantation, in times of peace,
must I be patient.
A human is ever undone upon creation,
as is joy destroyed in its elation.
The proof of strength must come
from truth in action.
timing is everything
when demanding satisfaction.

The paradox of me is common enough, I must be soft before I am tough. I must be smooth before I am rough. Only I decide the range of my umbrage
and the magnitude of my gentleness.
Objects are implicitly complacent
they only watch
expect the most complicit human pushed
to eventually elicit a response
What defines a human
is that what they
up for which,
can not stand.

I sincerely believe in conflict and vulgarity and the continuing struggle to redefine my own femasculinity.
any gender describing my identity,
is a sloppy fit and at best,
a limit to my humanity.

Real machismo is not loud. Waiting silently, it sits like lightning in a cloud, until it is called down by the urgency of now, by virtue of need. Chivalry should not seek to lead, rather its power lays in restraint, mated with hard-edged self-determination.

A righteous bitch delivers the painful truth with a steel-toed combat boot and no apologies. My kind of Princess slays her own damn dragon and rescues me occasionally. I would happily bow down and crown her my King.

No society defines what I can be.
I am Adam
and I am Eve
I am vulnerable and confident and
violently compassionate
I am Lillith and I am the Snake
I am rightfully vengeful
and I make any mistake
I need to
along the way to finding
a definition of me

4 thoughts on “A definition of Me

  1. “We are the same
    broken pieces
    shards of mirrors reflecting
    the one true ghost-light god-energy”
    I really like this image and I believe it to be true. Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking piece. I can hear it as slam poetry as well.


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