eerie sunset.jpg

Someone please explode the Earth
I wish to break up with you

in little pieces
spread across space
Existing between now and then
has become intolerable
just being is so

I miss the rapt euphoria
I miss believing in neverending sunshine
I miss unashamedly obsessing
I miss the comfort of false certainty
I miss being foolishly preoccupied
drinking the kool aid
of our connection
and taking for granted it
would always be this way

For if I wake before I die
from this dream
which you and I
shared a love that’s more profound
than all in waking life
I’ve yet found
I’ll curse the Sun,
my fiction’s thief
I wake alone
again it seems
a disoriented heap
we’re sure to dream
perchance to

The terror of a dream
is how real it can seem
and, in actuality
this is often
the most troubling thing
about reality

Waking up is hard to do
make no mistake, it’s work
to let the world take hold of you
Falling asleep is just letting go
descend to dream, enjoy the show
conscious consciousness is ebb and flow
life’s too short and mind’s too slow
If you find the dream too hard to shake, consider now, you were always awake.

like the buzzing brimming empty cup
needs only time to forget
like too much caffeine
singing singing remembering
but I begin to wallow
the rhyme is incomplete
Leading down a path not yet made
a future unsure I now follow
I do not know where I want to go
but it comes to me
if only
I’ll allow

And carry only my smile
into the midst of battle
to achieve victory
through surrender;
traquility through
accepting defeat
bliss by simply


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