Please do not feed the ego

gittur spirit

I’m sure you’re bored of me.
“Here he is again
sellin’ thoughts

using big f***ing words
trying to make me feel s***
Booo. Move on dude. No one cares! What’s this nonsense now
about the universe and love..
t’f**k djo know about love?”

Here’s what I know:
Breathe. You aren’t breathing, you’re reading. Is this thing on?
No, really. Stop and

just breathe, right now.
I will too.


Most of us just fake it.
I’m happier when you’re naked.
Give kindness and respect unconditionally.
But keep your giving in check.
Love is not born free.
You have to work to let it be.
Forgive the repentant.
Be defenseless but not unprotected
Which is another way of saying
Behave with grace until threatened
then give them hell like they never expected
Smiling is overused and underrated
The first stage of inebriated
We smile when we are elated, or
Sometimes I smile just to see yours.

Learn to ask for what you want.
Be afraid of rejection. Be afraid to get what you want. Be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. Do all of it anyway.
Give until it hurts. Then stop giving abruptly. Wait until you recover completely to give any more.
Take as much as you give. Unless you’re scared, then take more.
Reward good behavior.
Train people how to treat you.
Here’s how:
Treat them how they want to be treated when they treat you how you want to, too.

Because here’s the thing about unrealistic expectations:
The Impossible exists.
I think it, therefore it is.
I want it
not because it’s reasonable
not because I expect it
not because I think it’s fair
Only once we get past our own fixations can we enjoy the full magnitude of our lives.
And I fully intend on enjoying myself, I just trust you’ll enjoy you, too.

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