Love is being awake

Love is the wilful denial of impermanence.
a warm pretense
a hot streak I keep rolling
until it ends and then
I go back
to my room and cry because
I have the same life as before
but no one to blame but myself.

Love is impossible.
Whether you’re falling out
or falling in
or falling asleep at the wheel
or just barely hanging on
or got pushed out because
the whole damn thing was on fire
and you were ready to ride it
straight into the ground.

Love is inescapable.
A waking dream
too real to for us to avoid.
the most any of us can hope is
to get enough of a rest
between heartbreaks
to remember who we were before we got so lucky to find something worth losing ourselves in.

Because whomever
you choose to love,
for how long,
or how deep,
they’re always free to come or go,
but the joy and pain
are yours to keep.
The only choice you really have
is to feel it all
or go back to sleep.

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