DSCN0132In the beginning there was power, and Mankind used it to control his own destiny. But power comes at a cost, and soon man found himself seeking to control others’ destiny. He murdered and enslaved anyone weaker just to maintain his growing Kingdoms. Alliances formed between kindred.

Humanity eventually crawled up from the darkness. But the Warlords remained. When Humanity said “There should be no killing,” the Warlords, knowing only of power, said “But we must defend ourselves.” When Humanity said “There should be no slavery,” the Warlords said “But we must feed our families.” When Humanity said “There should be equity,” the Warlords said “Respect belongs to those individuals who earn it, we hold power because we proved ourselves; we know best.”  And so the Warlords went on in control, and gained what they sought: War, death, power.

Humanity again found strength after the dead were buried, and unchained their captives. But the Warlords said “They may have freedom but they must earn power.”
Humanity made laws, both to ensure captives’ freedom and protect the Warlords’ power. White power assembled in the name of Manifest Destiny, Law and Order, and Capitalism. The Warlords sowed doubt and fear among Humanity, while withholding power from those who looked different than they.

The moral arc of the universe is long but bends toward justice. Great leaders rose from the ranks of the oppressed. The Warlords struck them down. Humanity noticed. Black power began to rise.

But still the Warlords protested “Black power is not acceptable. There should be no power in race. Power comes to those individuals who take it.”
More time passes. More minorities and indigenous peoples are slain, abused, blamed, stolen from, humiliated, murdered and raped. More excuses are made. Humanity again stands up and says, explicitly, “Black Lives Matter.”
But the Warlords say no. The Warlords say all lives matter. The Warlords say there is no power in race anymore. The Warlords say “Slavery was 150 years ago.” The Warlords say “We have so much suffering, can’t we just move past race?”
“Can’t we all just get along?”

Imagine a country just
like the one we have
only equal
We’ll call it America: the sequal
Where black power is just a fact
And everyone is ok with that.

White supremacy was
the chemistry
of our Constitution.
Seventy five years passed
before we amassed
our little pro-slavery
civil revolution.

But instead of write
a whole new document,
we just amended it
protecting ‘all races’
protecting ‘all persons’
We’ll just pretend nothing happened
No hard feelings
we’re all just old friends

Never mind the head start
every white family had
Never mind their education,
wages, marriages, homeownership
and generational wealth
their safety and security
enforced by federal troops,
Slave Patrols and black codes
Never mind the scars of whips
and sexual assaults,
the families torn apart
the culture lost
the bodies thrown into the sea
the disembodied inheirited trauma
from the trans-atlantic
slave trade still exists but,
We’ll just forgive ourselves
the debt we’ve never repaid.

Never mind the
lynch mobs and assassinations
burning crosses
and every Emmet Till
whose casket was left closed
Never mind Mike Brown
lying in the street
for four hours
in the August heat
Seperate but equal,
Jim Crow marches on
in every profit driven
debtor’s prison
firing live rounds
into bodies already dead
Supremacy marches on
in laws, fees, fines, dogs
taser barbs, mace, tear gas,
and every swing of a baton.

Imperialism marches on
We empower it
every time we look away
every night we go to sleep is
just another day we let injustice sleep next to us because it keeps us warm.

Now when we say ‘whitey,’
it hurts,
‘don’t judge ME
by MY skin’
suddenly everyone’s an expert
on civil rights
That’s ‘racist’ to them then.

If we declare
“Black lives matter,”
whites think it’s fairer to say,
“All lives matter.”
They always fix the ‘error’
where you mention skins.

Because to them, the lesson is not
Atone for your sins
the lesson they teach their kin is
Don’t get caught.
my African brothers and sisters
face new brutality every day
while most white Americans say
“We face racism too.”
“at least they aren’t slaves”
“Obama was your reparations”
“We’re a post-racial colorblind nation.”
It’s past too late for King’s
radical revolution of values.
Malcolm knew violence in self-defense is just intelligence
compromise is for those
who have lives left to afford
It’s a game to them.
But we ain’t playing anymore.
Now, it’s like 1864: We say,
It’s civil rights or civil war.

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