Al one

Al one

Deep blu

Desperate in discrete form
and silly in totality,

Our collective
consciousness is refracted
through the prism of our
precious ‘individuality,’

Brains are good distractions
but don’t deal well with duality.

Unfortunately that’s just the nature of reality.

This illusion of our division
is a prision of the finite mind
each looking out from behind
the other’s mirror
You and I merely
reflect the infinite divine

We flee the discomfort
of our contradiction
by trying to understand.
If only we’d surrender and
admit we can’t,
We’d allow ourselves
to feel connected, and happy, scared, and sad.
We’d find ourselves
containing multitudes
we never knew we had.

But we’d rather believe
the false coherency of distinction
(for it’s easier to accept than disprove)
than find ourselves
face to face with
the unbridled truth
that the fairy tale is true:
that you
I and
we all
are you

like shadows we struggle in definition
choosing separation o’er indecision
Reality hides ‘twixt our isolation
Maybe it’s my twelfth house sun..
I see clearly, no hesitation
The truth is simple:
we are all one.

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