The Brain is the sexiest organ

The Brain is the sexiest organ

(I wanna make love to you, Terry Gross)


I want to howl like Allen
To sing like Maya
Posess style like Miles
Indulge like Oscar
Evolve like Ani
I want to have a dream
Like Dr. Martin Luther King
I want to get down
Like James Brown
To bend without breaking
To Pretend without faking
To Make belief a reality
I will run with the wolves
I will howl to the stars
I will sing to the spirit devine
My magic makes mountains
Rise from fine dust
But leaves me dissatisfied,
And full of lust.

Let me break it softly
I need you like work needs coffee
I’m addicted to your presence
You’re cool like lumeniscence
I cast a mighty shadow
You light it up like Moonglow
Little glimmers amongst the snow
I intend to spoil you now
so real slow
My pace belies my desires
My eyes are but well-trained liars

But I have a theory
You don’t really know
Nice boys go nowhere slow
I used to be both
Now I am in control
And I ain’t merely braggin
We’ve wandered off the map
And girl, here there be dragons
Yes I’m circumspect;
suspicious of your impressions
Listen or be left behind
I’ve no time for second-guessin’s
My magic makes mountains
Sink to the seas
It does not make me easy to please

You looking vulgar in that dress
But I didn’t kill chivalry, yo
I’m just the eulogist, ok, so,
Don’t blow me
Just blow my mind
Haecceity does not interest me
I’m after your Quiddity
Maintain facticity!
Elastic intimacy
Spontaneous vulnerability
Synchronous ecstasy
Simultaneous unwrapping of a mystery
I want _more_ than to just get laid
I want interplay,
I want to listen and feel what is said
A one night stand would disappoint me
I’m out to learn your language,
Not just view the country.
The mind is where arousal starts
The body’s just got the moving parts.
Because equality is meaningless
without respect
Meaningless sex has no effects.
I’m all about arcs.
history, yourstory, ourstory
Where did you come from?
Show me your Hypokeimenon,
free of distraction
naked of assumptions
Introduce me to that
raw unbounded soulburden
You keep putting into
things that cannot hold it
that hypothetical spiritual essence
i want to watch you manifest it
it is the ineffable you I want to see.
tell how you came to me;
what you dream to be.

I’m well-versed in my own thirst
So first things first,
let me immerse in the worst of you.
What’s your terrible truth?
let me step back to see the curvature of your earths and moons
Show me the Kraken under your seas.
I don’t care about your good deeds, GPA, portfolio or your resume.
Show me the scars you keep off your facebook page.
I want to know what wounds you are afraid to show because you’re still recovering from the pain.
I want to know what mistakes you’ve made and why you love yourself anyway.
I want to know what made you grow this wonderfully twisted way.
I want to nurture and enable it to continue.
I want to see you become more you,
every day.

Quit giving me that look
Check your expectations at the door
No you’ve never seen one of me
I am as real as you are
I am not a gentle man
I’m no noble knight
I am reptilian
Born and bred to fuck and fight
do not ask me to behave
Or to do what’s right
I will not play a willing slave
Or go quiet to the night

I am fury
I am rage (I recommend it)
I am gentle but effective
Compassionate and connected
I know I cannot live forever
But I will never die

Maybe my emotion is unstoppable
Maybe I’m distant as the stars
Cold as calculus
Some of these thoughts are unthinkable
Some of these words are incurable
Sometimes you see the non-unseeable
You only hear what you want you to.
This session was non-refundable

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