A post-existential love riddle

Trust is cummulative
In a small way
it cannot be lost
or gained
In a day
Love doesn’t understand
when you say hold on
It just floods.

Love’s a glutton who’s
either infatuated
or licking his wounds
But Trust knows
and slowly grows
and waits
because as much as Trust
hates being mistaken
she knows
she’s never misplaced

Trust makes courage
get out of bed, get dressed
and be ready in time or else.
Courage never has clean socks
But Trust continues because
its the right thing to do
Even if she does
sometimes feel used.

awfully drawn
mothly Love
flutters on
flameward to
the next burn
and shames himself
or blames someone else
in an attempt to learn
who is responsible
And vows to himself
“I’ll never
fall for that again”
(but he will)
Trust just accepts, survives
and moves on.

Love recovers,
eventually when
Trust and Courage
to make Love
forget all his past
indiscretions and
Trust stops worrying
and lets Courage
distract her
for long enough
for Love to find
another disaster
or at least a nice
fire alarm to pull

Love’s always
placing a bet
He can’t afford
usually on long odds
For unrealistic stakes
In hopes he can quit his job
Searching ever after
for a kiss that’s
worth the risk.
Courage finds the carrots; sticks
and Trust just gets bigger
the bigger it gets.20180412_162557

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