Slow and Silent


It could be words push us further from the truth.

Conversation should not be confused with communication.

Would you meet me silently,
not as my muse or inspiration, but
in the fullness of your goddessship
join my speechless celebration?
I seek to celebrate both your love for me, and my love for you, to together
separately define the two.
To leave respected,
with love that flourishes
in the perspective of absence,
to spread that love
to the hungry masses,
to shape it, turn it out
towards the divine, knowing it is
neither yours nor mine.
In this way, goodbye just means
I love you, too.

Just to be comfortable being you
is often the hardest thing to do.
The trick is self-appreciation,
and show the prescience of your value.
First impressions are hard to live up to.
Being present is your gift, open your mouth and squander it.
And if you oversell yourself
you had better keep the receipt,
lest it become a theme
that they like you less
the more they see.

The benefit of
self-responsibility is trust.
If you control yourself, the room will follow.
Only give (and only get) what mutual benefit will allow.
Take too much, and you make a victim,
give too much and you become him.

It is neither selfish,
nor greedy,
nor cruel,
nor needy,
nor foolish
to rule or be ruled,
Or, to want,
or to want to want,
or to want to be wanted.
We can take turns
being hunter and hunted.

Consent takes time
and is not static.
It can always be revoked,
or expanded.
When I can trust you know
where your line is,
your consent can even be silence.

When I set hard boundaries that honor us,
with firm consequences for breach of trust,
(but second chances for crimes of lust),
you cannot, should not, shall not but must explore them,
I want you to find weakness in my strength, to destroy that which cannot stand.
I will rebuild, with your helping hands.
I can amend and revise as needed,
rebuild my pride and my libido.
even with a healthy ego, and a very hungry Id.
Honor these, my dark inner truths, and I honor you by letting you honor them too.

Timing is the magician’s only trick. The rest is in the imagination of the audient.
My heart is set to it’s lowest speed.
Exploring only the edges of your mind and body, as though it were a primal need,
I’ll take my time with you, precisely because I have every reason not to.
Even though you might now resent my leisurely smolder
I’ve no regret for patience spent in diligent responsiveness, and
You will want more when it’s over.
For fortune favors the brave, who work to save and savor and push through, cherish and slave and labor to create the magic necessary to upon, over, and forever redefine how to better love ourselves together.salt_n_beans (1)

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