Un Camino Entre Cantidades de Caminos


staring at the sun will make
a nihilist,

and to those
who say, well,
belief in nothing is just silly.
i pray tell me
Does beliving in everything sound any better?

the opposite of wrong is still
wrong, just in the other direction, useless until you find a reason why,
see, all a brain needs is convincing
but one can only be wrong for so long
before the heart begins to mind

being briefly blinded can be rewarding
if we long to
embrace a connection
we don’t belong to
it reminds us who we aren’t

only by singing proudly out of key we
find a song we weren’t meant to sing
testing the water
we find out how we’re sinking
our conclusions are just
the place we stop thinking

We always do the right thing,
only as a last resort
what we seek happens to be
in the last place we look
because we found it
we are open books, unbounded
inside ourselves is every prophet
self-fufilling our own prophesy
every insight comes with a cost
every second wasted is another lost
even if we find agreement
there’s still red tape and

endless fine print
and there’s always another damned
dotted line

so what a waste of time it is
to seek to increase one’s own mind’s width
You can totally know too much
it’s like having stuff
it’s never enough
And there’s always a bigger
container to fill
and eventually you will
run out of mind

but the heart
doesn’t rely on knowing
it simply goes
when it feels like going
or stops if it feels like staying
If it goes without saying
Why don’t you shut up
and just let it go
in search of the path towards
the divine, there is only one guide
you define the sign that leads you
the path you seek is
the one that frees you

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