A theory of nonsense

feuerwerk_by_totalverruckti am but a lonely verb
bryaning my way along
undisguised I improvise
my little bryansong
walking awkward, i talk like I move
i am the ultimate unfluence (of which only i’d approve)
Free will is a joke
keeps us laughing as we go
on screwing it up.

Ego just makes a mess
when he forgets
to feed id
then he either just makes
it worse with his excuses
or he’s already hid
in some narrow mindspace
i can’t follow to rot my thought
leaving me to clean up my self
before the super gets here
and starts pointing fingers

That’s why
I keep my mind free
of all intent
so even I don’t know why
or what to expect
and all my biggest problems are just
my proudest regrets
because mistakes make great teachers
but terrible pets
and life will never make sense
and beauty comes so powerfully,
in so many forms, if you know how
to look. It almost seems as though
everything is beautiful but
that doesn’t make sense so
it’s prolly true, because we are only
as real as we believe each other to be
and everyone thinks they’re better
than everyone else but I’m above that
light as cloudstuff, just
diffuse enough
to float between the winds
observing without preconception
to reveal to the willing
every eloquent, majestic connection.

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