No matter what happens to me
I am and continue
to be
my intentionality

I mind my own fears
rejecting any certainty
as I mean to stay free
my spontaneity

I pursue my dreams. Because the impossible is still worth chasing.
my unattainability

What you feel… well

it just ain’t up to me

I only control my trajectory: where I’m going and when I’m leaving.
And to know anything is counterproductive anyway. Knowing just gets in learning’s way. The path does not feel my footsteps. The destination does not care if I arrive. To assign meaning is to contrive.
my humility

Acceptance of this is not indifference.
Everything and it’s interconnectedness are still and eternally developing.
my soliloquy

Zen is to remain content with my illusion as the only reality available, to tend to my responsibility: here and now. So as to make my existence the instant which stretches to infinity.
my divinity

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