An Introductory Poem

Welcome to my newest thought closet.

Feel free to rummage around for a while. I’m not too attached to any of it. I have listened to myself talk extensively and I bore me now. Prunkentfaltung is a german word. It translates to “an ostentatious display of splendor.” I am unremarkable and have slain many trees to learn such. But new beginnings create an illusion of relevance. Enjoy the show.


rubbed off, like the eraser at

the end of a pencil, another day

has smoothed my consciousness, polished it clean of cracks formed weathering the erosion of time.

I walk that narrowest line


what is real and what is dream

What is invisible and what remains to be seen

What the hell happened to me? Is this what happened to you? The more I grow up the less I ever knew.

Part of me dies every time it lies to me that where I am is where I wanted to be.

I pray I do not stagnate, become a product of my own boredom: deinspired unevolved disenchanted

Let my mind be like the sky, ever open, ever wide. Let the rain fall. Bring the storms crashes and flashes of lightning and thunder. May I always drizzle wonder.

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